Billionaire Donald Trump won the 2016 election. During the election race, Trump said that if he wins, he will rid the country of illegal immigration by building a wall on the border with Mexico, and after that he will make America rich and free. He ruthlessly criticized Obama’s policy and promised to revive the “American dream.” We collected 15 unique facts from the biography of the new US president, which you probably did not know.

15 most interesting facts about Donald Trump, 20 photos

1. Trump graduated from the military academy at the request of his parents. As a child, the boy was an outspoken bully, so his parents sent him to the New York Military Academy. They believed that this is the only place where they will help him direct energy in the right direction. Probably it was there that he learned to survive in the face of fierce competition.

2. Trump’s last name is his pride. Donald Trump is incredibly proud of his last name, which is why he turned it into a unique brand under which various products are produced – from vodka to accessories and perfumes.

3. Trump is a writer. The new American president is indecently rich – his fortune is estimated at $ 4 billion. Over the course of Trump’s career, there were many defeats and victories, and Donald shares his experience with the world, ”he wrote 15 books about business.

Among his bestsellers are books entitled Survival at the Top, How to Become Rich, and The Art of Dealing.

4. Trump is a movie star. The new leader of Americans loves to act in films, playing mostly himself. In his filmography roles in such films and TV shows: “Sex and the City”, “Beverly Hills”, “Eddie”, “Celebrity.”

5. Trump is a showman. In 2004, the world saw Donald Trump’s own show entitled “The Apprentice.” Its participants struggled for a vacancy with a payment of 250 thousand dollars a year in one of the billionaire companies. The one who coped worse, left the game under the words from the mouth of Trump: “You are fired!”.

6. Trump considers Obama a “psycho.” Trump, as a member of the Republican Party, has repeatedly harshly told Obama that he needed to quit. With the help of the court, he even tried to challenge the birth of the then president in the United States.

The White House even then had to make public Obama’s birth certificate. Because of the permission of migrants from the Ebola virus infection zone, Trump even called Obama a mentally ill person.

7. Trump has to refute rumors about wearing a wig. To hide his bald head for half a head, Trump combing the hair from the back of the head to the forehead, and the new president considers his hairstyle beautiful. “I think I have the most famous hair in America,” he said.

8. Trump – Lovelace. Donald Trump was married three times. His first wife was the model of Ivan Zelnicek. After she found out about her husband’s numerous betrayals, Zelníček filed for divorce, suing $ 25 million from her former husband.

After the divorce, he married twice more, and he has three children from different marriages.

9. Loud statements – another feature of the new US president. One of his loudest statements is the proposal to torture the families of terrorists, and then completely execute them. He even threatens to revise the law on collective responsibility.

10. The secret of Trump’s success. The billionaire received the votes of most American citizens because most of them are well acquainted with him. The fact is that for many years he is the most popular showman on American television. Many Americans have grown up on his programs, so he is almost his own.

11. Trump loves to change the rules. He is not a formalist, and the rules for him are just the conditions of the game. Therefore, when he controls the game, then the rules change easily.

12. He sleeps only 4 hours a day. Some critics of Donald Trump hint that total lack of sleep is the main reason for the extravagance of the US leader. But in his 69 years, Donald almost never gets sick and has health and energy.

13. Trump owns the casino. He himself, by the way, does not play, but considers it a sacred right of every person to pursue illusory success, therefore he owns many casinos.

14. Trump mind does not shine. After listening to his speech, you might think that we are dealing with dropout. If other American presidents in their speech spoke at the seventh grader level so that they could be understood by the widest possible audience, then Trump does not reach the 5th grade. He shows neither education nor erudition, but that does not mean that he is stupid.

As the billionaire’s son, Donald received a brilliant education at the New York Military Academy, Fordem University and the School of Business in Pennsylvania. In all these institutions will not tolerate stupid.

15. How do voters like him? First of all, its “sincerity”. Many of the people who voted for Trump say that their favorite is not trying to say what they want to hear from him, and does not lie.

In this regard, the billionaire often violates the norms of political correctness. Probably because of his directness and sincerity, he is so popular with US citizens.

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