We present to your attention buildings whose height exceeds 500 meters.

10 tallest buildings in the world, 20 photos

Burj Khalifa. Height is 828 meters.

This incredible building is located in the city of Dubai, UAE.

Wuhan Greenland Center. Height 636 meters.

Three times the height of the building in the world is located in Wuhan, China.

Shanghai Tower. Height 628 meters.

This building is located in Shanghai, China.

Kingdom clock tower. Height 601 meter.

This incredibly tall building with a clock at its top is located in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Golden Football 117. Height is 596.5 meters.

Tianjin, China.

Ping An International Financial Center. Height is 555 meters.

Ping An is not one building, but the whole complex, which is located in the city of Shenzhen, China.

Lotte World Tower. Height is 555 meters.

This ultra high skyscraper is located in the city of Seoul, South Korea.

World Trade Center 1. Height 541 meters.

It is also called the Tower of Freedom. New York, USA.

CTF Finance Center. Height 530 meters.

Guangzhou, China.

China-Tszun. Height is 258 meters.

Beijing, China.

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