You can find a selection of products that are sold as useful, but in fact they are not. Many include these products in the diet of a healthy person, but experts believe that their use should be kept to a minimum.

10 harmful products that are considered beneficial

Energy bars. It is believed that these bars contain a large amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Can you remember that at least one renowned doctor mentioned them? Most likely no. And rightly so, these bars do not contain anything useful. They consist of solid sugar and preservatives. And there are also such bars, which can also contain very harmful palm oil.

Dietary drinks. Diet drinks are an excellent alternative for people with diabetes, but healthy people should avoid such things.

Such drinks contain tons of additives, chemicals and dyes, in comparison with which the usual “lemonade” look very useful.

Cupcakes with bran. Despite the fact that many consider such muffins harmless, regular use of such baking can add you extra centimeters at the waist and extra pounds.

Such muffins can contain as much sugar as donut.

Vegetarian cutlets. Such burgers are an excellent solution for vegetarians and people who do not consume red meat.

However, experts say that life without meat does not always mean a healthy diet.

Low fat or skimmed milk. Skimmed milk is a healthy option for people who are overweight and trying to stay healthy.

But it is worth remembering that ordinary milk may be more beneficial for you as a whole than skimmed milk.

Flakes or Muesli. Each of us understands that zephyr and sugar packed in muesli do not add value to this food.

But cereals and various grains are an excellent option for breakfast, but you should carefully read the information on the package.

Sports drinks. Many of us have seen advertisements about how such drinks help the body recover quickly after a workout.

This result is achieved due to the electrolytes sodium and potassium contained in them.

Fat-free foods. Many people think that because fat is bad, low-fat foods are much better. However, this opinion is not correct.

There are many fats that need to be consumed with a balanced diet. For people who are dieting, low fat foods are an excellent nutritional option.

Smoothies Many people think that by mixing several fruits and vegetables with a blender you get a great option for a healthy snack.

However, do not forget one important rule that you need to mix thoughtfully, because they can pack a huge amount of calories and sugar, which simply simply bring down your diet, forcing you to feel satiety throughout the day.

Dried fruits. Dried fruits look an attractive substitute for chips and candy.

However, there is a catch: dried fruits may contain preservatives and sweeteners.

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