It is not a secret to anyone that many women love their ears, so men often use the ability to speak beautifully what a woman wants to hear. Your attention is a collection of 10 false phrases that men use to drag the girl into bed.

10 false phrases that men use to seduce women

“I believe in friendship between a man and a woman!” According to statistics, 90% of men in any friendship, except for men, do not believe. When a man utters a phrase about believing in such a friendship, thoughts rush through the woman’s head – that here he is, a person with a not blinkered mind, and that in the case of an unsuccessful novel, there is the prospect of remarkable friendship.

The man knows that in the desire to be friends with the opposite sex lies the subconscious female desire for secret worship, the illusion of creating a legal platonic union with a slight intrigue – after all, after a stormy party, the borders of quivering friendship are sometimes treacherously blurred.

“I will not give you anyone!” Insanely touching phrase, which is known to many thanks to romantic TV shows and movies.

Such a phrase can conquer only the naive representative of the fair sex.

“Will I go up for tea?” Literally 10 minutes! ” This banal phrase can ruin even the most wonderful evening. Most men, uttering this phrase, expect that your relationship will move to a different level.

If you feel that you are ready, feel free to invite your gentleman “for tea.” But if you decide not to rush things, then you should politely offer to drink tea another time. There is an option that you still invite him to visit, but decide to refuse intercourse. In this case, he will assume that you are a very naive woman.

“I will be always with you!” In response to such a phrase, the question arises: “Are you a psychic?” People cannot say with great certainty what is in store for them in the future.

If your young man says it, then here is one of two things: either he really became ill with imagination because of love, or hanging noodles on the ears of trusting girls is his favorite activity.

“Introduce me to your parents!” You should not believe that a man is ready to get acquainted with your parents if you have not yet had sex in your relationship.

“I dream of children. I’m ready for a serious relationship! ” If your elect is over 40 and he has never been married, then you can believe it. However, it is worth considering why a man, up to 40 years, did not dare to create a family?

In other cases, women are informed of the desire to acquire offspring if they want to gain confidence, demonstrate serious intentions and most often achieve cherished closeness.

“Let’s just lie down …” This phrase is most often used by young men than adult men, but as it turns out, there are girls and even women who fall for this trick. Just “lie down” means tactile contact with the emotional component. According to statistics, seducing a lying woman is just a matter of technique.

“I have not yet parted with you, but already miss me!” It is possible that this is true, but for the most part, men utter such phrases only to speed up the course of events.

Undoubtedly, such phrases sound deadly believable, but most women, having heard such a phrase, begin to lose vigilance.

In order to make sure that the phrase was true, one should pay attention to the circumstances under which he pronounced it.

If he misses only in an intimate atmosphere, and in the intervals between meetings does not show heightened activity, then you should not trust his words.

“Come to me, just watch a movie!” If you have not had any intimacy, then this phrase means that your young man seriously expects that everything will happen exactly today.

He will surely turn on your favorite movie, make wine, candles and show interest in the storyline. Such a scenario may seem to many to be a kindergarten, however, according to statistics, an absolute majority of men all over the world trust him.

“You are a woman of my dreams!” This phrase is like a balm for the soul of any of us, but isn’t it pathos too much?

Women with low self-esteem often come across such a phrase.

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