Which car to buy a girl, gif video
So what kind of car should a girl buy?
So, where do you start to choose a car?
1. First, it is necessary to deal with the brand of the car, taking into account its technical characteristics. Unfortunately, we don’t have to buy a car often, and it’s quite stupid to choose it just because of its beautiful color.
Fashion will pass, or cease to like the color – and you can not return everything back. Be attentive and practical!
2. An important factor, and, most likely, the most important, are financial capabilities. You should not buy a car just because it is fashionable and all public figures drive it. And I do not think it will be a good purchase of transport, the price of which is higher than your annual salary.
Therefore, you should not do what you can not afford. If you buy a foreign car, and there is not a lot of money in your family, then imagine how much a replacement part will cost (and this is still not cheap!).
3. Well, of course – size does matter. So you need to decide on the size of the car. Naturally, a big car will look gorgeous and rich on the road, but this has its drawbacks.
 Firstly, such a car requires a lot of gasoline, which is now not cheap.
 Secondly, such transport is more difficult to manage.

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