Why do some women have many suitors, and others all their lives alone? Why do some women in vases always have flowers, while others are completely deprived of male attention? We present to you 10 types of women who are escaped by boyfriends. It is worth paying attention to the fact that this collection is a purely “masculine look” on some problems.

What women drive men crazy, and from what they run away (21 photos)

Overconfident. Such women make it clear that they descended from heaven to earth from a favor to their beloved. They always have little time. All communication basically comes down to listening to stories about how they are doing well in life. Such a woman always pretends that she is a small independent “Switzerland”.

Overly refined. Excessive refinement unnerves men! They like simple “earthly things.” Men will feel like “white crows” in a flock of sophisticated lady.

Overly “correct”. Such a woman strains her accuracy. She does not smoke, does not drink, goes to bed at 23:00, practices yoga … It becomes clear to a man that he can never be himself with her.

Manic desire to “become a wife.” If a man is being introduced to his parents on the first date – he wants to run! Men also want to start a family, but with impatience and unwillingness to let events develop under their own power, women are laying the suspicion that the “family nest” will become a “pen where the calf is herded”.

Confidence that a man must always pay. No normal young man will allow his woman to pay for dinner. But almost all of them are repelled by the opinion of the chosen one, that this is almost the main mission of a man – to pay for everything.

The desire to surround your loved one with total attention. The man is actually annoying when he wakes up, and in the Whats App already “looms” “Good morning, dear!”. He goes to work, and on the social network she already has a photo in her pajamas with a sad emoticon – “I miss” … A man realizes that he is surrounded. For him the free perimeter of living space is important.

She loves to teach. Such a woman is a walking encyclopedia and she has all the answers. She does not understand the simple truth that the chosen one needs to play along a bit, flatter his vanity, pretend to be naive than it really is … And then the loved one will feel like a real man!

Excessive obsession with your appearance. The whole life of such a woman is to serve the body. She was so fascinated by the guidance of external beauty that she forgot about working on the inner world. And for a long relationship is very bad.

She is mainly engaged in a career. With such a woman it is always interesting to discuss the state of the economy and the exchange rate, but after a while the man realizes that career and business are the only things that really interest her.

A woman is a mole. It is noiseless, colorless and faceless. It lacks life, not enough fire. Such a woman can become the shadow of a man. And he will hide it from friends and hesitate to show colleagues.

And what women (girls) attract crowds of men and what do they like about them? Psychologists claim that women of certain types attract representatives of the stronger sex at the subconscious level …

Infantile coquette. Carefree, playful laughter, not focusing on everyday problems, like many men. After all, such a young lady will gladly respond even to unsuccessful flirtations of a potential cavalier.

Mysterious lady. Women, in which there is a mystery, attract absolutely all men. Another thing, if a girl on the first date puts all her problems or plans on the surface. Men immediately lose interest in such women, who can be read like an open book.

Loving woman It is hardly possible to meet at least one man who does not like women who love sex. But there is one drawback – men love to communicate with such women, but most often they don’t want to create a family with them.

Innocent girl. Many young people like modest, clean and innocent female faces. With such women, men feel confident seducers and at the same time defenders – the stone wall, behind which a fragile creature can hide.

Adventure lover. If a girl is not afraid of extreme conditions, is easy-going and can easily spend the night in a tent somewhere in the forest or on the bank of a river, then this is just a godsend for men. Such girls usually like gentlemen.

Spoiled and capricious. For you to understand, we are not talking about brawlers who demand money for another handbag. Here we have in mind a cute minx who can show off in the bedroom, but only within the limits of the allowable.

Confident. A seductive woman in the first place should be confident in their merits. And for this you need not only to monitor your appearance, but also to be able to listen to the opinion of a beloved man. Such a woman is sure to achieve the goal.

Thoughtful. Guys like girls who care about them just as their mothers used to do. A man at any age remains a big child. It’s not for nothing that most men at the subconscious level choose girls as mothers as their companions.

Bright “darling”. Spectacular, attractive women who look like movie stars evoke unequivocal feelings in men. With such women, men increase self-esteem, they feel like real conquerors.

Extravagant woman. This type of women is somewhat similar to “infantile coquettes”. Even such a woman can be called natural – she is extraordinary in her actions, she is not shy of her “self” and can easily bring a smile to a man.

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