What guys do not like girls, gif video
What guys do not like in girls Obsession Worse, probably nothing. Even if your appearance allows you to make Adrian Lima, Angelina Jolie and Miss Universe cry over each other’s tears, the obsession practically deprives you of chances for a long and serious relationship. You too much Your things, girlfriends, relatives, conversations, sms, questions, gossip, talk again, and the worst thing – questions. Where have you been? Who did you sleep with? What to wear? When you come? Where are you going? Basically obsession manifests itself in several forms: A) Excessive talkativeness. We are talking just to show that we are near, to get attention, reaction. The man is trying to find a use for our idle talk and, of course, he rarely does it. Therefore, over time, complaints arise akin to “he does not hear me!” Naturally! You are already white noise for him, no more. If you want what you say for a man to have value – be silent more, weigh up words, leave gossip to your friends, and empty complaints to your mother.
B) Excessive custody. At some point, a woman’s maternal instinct arises in relation to a man. This happens for several reasons: the first passion begins to slowly fade away, and the woman compensates for the decrease in sexual intensity by guardianship. There is a smooth replacement of one role to another; the woman consciously takes on the role of the mother, wanting to control the man as much as possible through hyper custody; she compensates for the lack of children in a relationship with a man when she is ready for them. This is the most reasonable reason, but it is also dangerous. Children will appear, and the pattern of relations between a man and a woman may remain the same, already broken.
B) Total control. Among my friends there are a sufficient number of paranoid personalities. First of all, it is the result of relations “on control”. Some do not give the partner step to step without a report or even a warning in advance, others password all appearances, telephones, computers, and cover up traces even after going for milk. Out of habit. In the article “Why Men Change Wives,” we have already figured out that you really do not have the ability to completely control your partner. Therefore, we remember that the pit, jumped by 90%, is still not considered jumped and give men breathe, rest, and so on. Of course, you should be comfortable border for both of you, but without barbed wire under electricity.

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