What do men like in the female character, gif video
What most like men in a female character Go to the main positive qualities of character that attract a man in a girl. Ability to understand, accept and empathize. This is not about care or care. It’s about listening, asking the right questions, showing the man that you are on his side and will always support him. Having your own interests. Independence. Borders. A woman should have her own territory from which she takes emotions and brings them to the family. The man draws emotions from the woman and spends them outside the family. Such a law of nature. If you completely stick to a man, his business, life, interests, your relationship will quickly suffocate. Sense of humor. Self-irony. A girl who cannot laugh at herself will soon turn into a complex hysterical complex. Men know and feel it. Self-esteem. Do not appreciate yourself – you will not appreciate. The man feels the inner core. This is what we often call the breed, what you pass on to the children. For most guys, this is important. Culinary talents. The Internet claims that “whatever you marry, it will still want to eat.” No one forces you to be chained to the stove, but to be able to feed him and his friends is your duty. Men really love eating delicious food, trust me. Fantasy. In leisure, sex, intercourse, judgments, ideas, decisions. Are you bored with yourself? If yes, then believe him too. Pump this skill as much as possible, it is possible. Dream, set creative tasks, buy thematic literature, experiment … Optimism. There is a very small category of men who love sufferers. The rest do not want to wipe your nose every minute because of stupid things. Or look for your unique copy from the Minstrel Middle Ages or learn to look at the world with a smile and good expectations.

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