What do men like about the appearance and behavior of women, gif videos
What men like most about the appearance and behavior of women
This is what men like best about women. Grooming Different men have different standards of feminine beauty, but they all agree that a girl must be well-groomed. If you think that a man does not see, whether you are caring for yourself or not, you are wrong. Men may not see something specific, but they are good at comparing. Therefore, simply being attractive is not enough. A man should understand that in 20 years you will look good. Firmly remember – you should always look well-groomed. This means: Clean, fresh and ironed clothing. Clean hair Regular hair removal. White teeth, a pleasant smell from a mouth. Nice smell. Tightened figure. Naturalness In second place, in popularity among male responses. Unfortunately, none of the men surveyed was able to really explain what he means by naturalness. But very many have told that they definitely do not fit this definition and produce a repulsive impression: Too long, bright manicure. Almost all of those surveyed by us said that the girl must follow her nails. But at the same time, most expressed sharply against too long, false nails. In addition, if you want to please a man – we do not recommend choosing nail polish for too bright colors. Bust with cosmetics. In general, men are not against cosmetics, but argue that the rule here is: “the less, the better.” Too much cosmetics, produces a sharply negative impression on the male gender. Too harsh or cloying smell. Perfume should also be used wisely. Most spoke out against too harsh and sugary-sweet smells. Bust with tattoos and piercings. Modern men like tattoos on the female body, but only non-aggressive: birds, butterflies, flowers, calligraphy inscriptions. But the skulls, bright patterns, colorful stars, and so on in the same spirit, most likely, will not like them. The same with piercing. One extra hole will only go to the “offset”. But if you have broken through everything that is possible, it becomes alarming.
Femininity Most of the guys admitted that they were not attracted at all by the “boy”. If this is your type, we advise you to slightly change the style and add femininity to the image. This means that you need to: Diversify your wardrobe: add skirts and dresses to jeans and shorts and alternate them regularly. Abandon obscene expressions. It repels men. All Less alcohol and cigarettes. This not only produces a repulsive effect, but also seriously harms your health. Refuse aggressive behavior. If you are used to going ahead in any situation, you need to change tactics. Young people more often fall in love with modest and feminine girls than active and courageous.

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