What kind of girl figure do guys like Gif video (2)
What female figures love and like men and guys? What figure do men and guys like?
Any girl and woman is very concerned about what men prefer. And they love all the most beautiful and exquisite. Do not try to compare the views of men and women on the same problem, on the same subject: the views and opinions of “m” and “f” do not always coincide. Well, let’s talk about some “discrepancies.”
What figure do guys like men like? What kind of girls do they like?
Men like well-groomed figures. Such that both slender and slender, and at the same time, “to have something to embrace”. Well, what kind of diet should be “steel” to withstand such a combination! It’s a shame. The girls want to achieve just such an effect, but it turns out that there is something, but something is not: there is slimness, but the girl is so thin that there is an opportunity to hold on only for a thin layer of delicate skin. Does it sound crazy? Yes, and it looks, in general, not better.
What figure do men and guys like? – They like the tan of the female body?
Men like the figure that is “decorated” with a tan. His girls are looking under the rays of the sun or in a solarium. Also, in order to please the male population, one can “find” an ideal figure on the simulators. How much time and effort it takes, willpower to make a trip to the gym.
But many go to it, because they know: gyms open not only for the benefit of the one who opens them. If to speak even more seriously, then you can dwell on the fact that men are a bit weird people. This is written to them no offense. Simply, sometimes, they themselves do not know what exactly they really want.
Well, look. Meets the guy girl. On the face – lovely sight. According to the figure – not very. A man, without any embarrassment, can directly say: “you would lose some weight – you will be perfect.” Of course, such words shock the girl. And upset, rather, from the fact that she would not expect such words. She may be offended.
What figure do men like? – skinny?
There are men who do not like thin people. They prefer girls with a “normal” constitution. With a normal, but without hanging belly. Alas, it is this part of the body that suffers mainly from overweight. In this case, you can regularly press the press, to do various gymnastic exercises. Twenty minutes a day is enough for the tummy to feel your concern for it.
What shape do guys like? – Not small?
Guys love those who are not inclined to corpulence. They love, but they understand that such “non-inclinations” are not presented to every female body. Yes, and male – the same. The difference is that a man will not be so worried about the “beer” tummy or the weight of excess. They know how to worry about the figure of their ladies. From here came the often-sounding phrase: “I want kids from you, but I’m afraid that you will grow fat.” It’s a shame for women’s bodies! They are innocent. Here all nature decides.
Do not worry: there are those who like plump and very plump ladies. Lovers of pyshechek ask them that they do not stick to any diet. The only negative: a reflection of weight on health. Walking is harder when, in the body, there are many pounds. Shortness of breath, heaviness, pressure, and all that.
You think that your figure should be corrected – proceed to its correction. But…. With only one condition: without fanaticism. Use the “cocktail rule”: a bit of sports, a bit of gymnastics, a bit of movement, a bit of dancing, a bit of food restrictions. And that’s it!
List of useful things and things to give? Catch:
1. Shaping.
2. Volleyball.
3. Cleaning the apartment.
4. Running
5. Running on the spot.
6. Dancing.
7. Squats.
8. Elimination of fat and sweet.
All sorts of fad to start? Choose what you are ready to start with. Surely, not with separation from all sweetie. Oh, this appetizing food! How she spoils everything! Do not let her take over the top.

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