Trends of the world of fur coats, gif video of a beautiful girl in a fur coat
Fur World Trends
Let’s start with the length of the fur coat. It can be any – from a short coat to the product in the floor. Today in the trend of a simple cut fur coat without a voluminous collar and with a minimum of decor. Jewelry in the form of various fittings are appropriate if the color of the product is monophonic. A girl in a white or black coat decorated with a brooch looks incredibly elegant and attractive. But the models in which designers experiment with contrasting colors deserve attention. In addition, fashion designers often resort to a combination of different types of fur in texture and color in one product. Shorn and long-haired, printed and fluffy, dark and light – this mix of natural furs can look stylish and original.
Natural furs, referred to only as soft gold, deserve to be in the wardrobe of every girl!

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