The warmest natural coat, gif video girls in a warm, fur coat
1. There are many opinions about the protective properties of a fur, but the first place belongs to such a small animal as a beaver. The fur coat from it is considered the warmest and the most socks. This product can easily serve you for twenty seasons, delighting with its beauty, comfort and luxury. This is the best option for cold Russian climatic conditions.

In second place were the models of chinchilla. The fur of this animal, despite its lightness, is very warm. Amazing color gives the image a certain aristocracy and grandeur, and soft-touch furs allows you to enjoy the moments of wearing this luxurious dress.
The third place was taken by the fox. The long fur of amazing color creates an unsurpassed image, delighting its owner not only with warmth, but also with refinement.
Lovers of chic and luxury should definitely pay attention to the mink fur coat, which is not only warm and beautiful, but also quite durable. By purchasing this new thing, you can safely enjoy wearing it for about ten seasons in a row.
The fox fur coat also retains heat perfectly. This is one of the most favorite products of Hollywood stars. The fox fur coat will turn any woman into a real lady, giving a feeling of freedom, lightness and grandeur. However, if you want to buy a more practical product, then you should give preference to fur with a gray-blue color.

Not the last place in our list is occupied by such a noble animal, like a sable. This fur is considered the most luxurious and is called the king of all furs. It is quite difficult to confuse with other products. Particularly valuable fur coats from the Barguzin sable, which look very aristocratic.
If you like to change your wardrobe more often, then you will like the coat made from a muton. Thanks to a special treatment, refined sheepskin from unattractive fur has become a beautiful and stylish accessory, besides, also quite warm.

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