The model comes from the Dominican Republic. Arlenis Sosa, video

Arlenis Sosa
The model comes from the Dominican Republic. Born in the province of Monte Cristi, and now is the face of the brand Lancome. After school, she moved with her family to New York, and fortunately, was noticed by the famous designer Louis Meneu. He suggested that the girl try herself as a model. After that, Arlenis debuted at the agency Marilyn Models.
The model very successfully started her career and the first significant success was her appearance in such magazines as Vogue and Vogue Italia. After that, the career went up, and she began to appear on the covers of various magazines of Italian, French, Spanish and German editions. On the catwalk, it appeared for the first time when showing the collection “Autumn-Winter 2008”, under the name “Banana Republick”. The same year was marked by her show in the “Dior Resort show”.
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