The ideal girl what men see her

No, of course, the ideal is something so dreamy and non-existent. However, there are a number of qualities that a woman must possess in order for her man to call her ideal.

1. This girl is not like a long-legged model, her face is unlikely to be chosen for the cover of any fashion magazine. But in her appearance there is something that attracts, arouses interest, calms, and often causes senseless happiness to look at her. We often call many Hollywood actresses ideal girls, and simply those who are given the natural beauty and ability to use cosmetics. But they are not real. The ideal girl does not overdo it with cosmetics, will not overtake the stick with clothes and will not allow men to stare at her charms. Why, guys, you see, sometimes a simple ribbon in your hair makes you crazy.

2. Nobody forbids girls to be smarter than men, on the contrary. But if a girl does not know who Cicero is, or has no idea in which century Jesus was born, then this is the first sign of Down syndrome. Yes, this is a terrible disease, and it is a sin to laugh at those who have had it since birth. But from the heart we laugh at those who acquire it in the course of life. The ideal girl can hold a conversation about the philosophical reflections of Hegel and the verses of Spartacus, complementing the phrases from the Iliad, ending with Shakespeare with Freud’s admixture (as without him). Even many men will not be able to quote their works so freely, and the girl will raise her reputation and her man. And if God gave the mind, then she simply must get a higher education.

3. Well, the last thing a little girl will show herself is character. We all know that modern girls are capricious and unfaithful. The ideal girl does not want to be like everyone else, so she does not make scandals over trifles. She does not put ultimatums in style: “If you don’t buy me this watch, I’m offended by you.” She does not take out anger at her husband due to the fact that the chef called her chicken. And does not change his beloved with another man simply because “I could not resist the scent of his deodorant“. I’m not saying that this should be excluded: if you want to shout, to quarrel with your husband, to destroy everything because of a bad mood – please! You are a girl. So, the ideal girl is a certain manifestation of the weak half of humanity, which does not cause any negative feelings, is pretty, good in bed, smart, unpretentious, stable. Of course, many may disagree with me. Maybe because their image of an ideal girl looks different (which is definitely the case, because we are all different), and maybe because I am only 15 years old, and I still don’t understand anything. But I don’t care, I’m right.

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