The most eccentric American politician Donald Trump recently became the president of the United States. The head of state is known for his innumerable riches and love for spectacular women. But none of the beauties overshadow Trump’s current wife, Melania. Let’s get acquainted with the first lady of America!

Spectacular Melanya Tramp: facts from life

Fashion model. The third spouse of the American president is the famous Slovenian model. Melania Trump was born in socialist Yugoslavia. At 16, she began acting as a model for various publications.

Success. Beauty appeared on the covers of almost all the most famous magazines: Harper’s Bazaar, Ocean Drive, Vogue, In Style, Avenue, Allure, New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, Self, Glamor, Elle.

“Adult photos”. Melanya was not afraid of outright photo shoots. But, having married, she stopped exposing herself in front of the lenses.

Meet Trump. Acquaintance with one of the most influential and richest people on the planet Donald Trump happened in New York at a party. Billionaire went to the model and asked for a phone number. Having been refused, the politician was forced to use his official position.

Career. Billionaire invests resources in many glossy magazines. Therefore, Trump sent all his connections to help the woman she liked to advance in her career.

Confessions of love. Melania appreciated the efforts of the suitor: after a few months, a tempestuous affair broke out among the lovers. There was such a strong feeling in the heart of the billionaire that he told about his beloved on the air of the famous radio show.

Luxury Wedding. Married to Donald Trump Melania went out in a Dior wedding dress by John Galliano. The outfit cost 200,000 dollars and weighed about 20 kilograms. To get into the car, the bride enjoyed the help of assistants.

Walked all Hollywood. There were 3000 roses on a huge wedding cake. Guests of the ceremony became the whole color of Hollywood and financial circles in New York.

Its business. In February 2010, Melanya Trump announced the launch of her own design jewelry collection.

Not just entertainment. The billionaire was glad that the beautiful wife had his own business, which she liked. After all, this is a great happiness – to do what you like.

Decent first lady of the United States. Melanya Trump is not only a beautiful woman, but also very smart. She knows 5 languages: Slovenian, English, French, Serbian and German.

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