When traveling to different countries, men often stare at foreign women, but upon arrival home prefer compatriots. The debate about whose women are better, has been a long time. Interviewing male travelers, you can make a rating of the attractiveness of residents of different countries. This is what we want to tell you today.

Rating of the most seductive women in the world by country, 20 photos

Holland. Residents of this country are athletic, slim, tall and always fashionably dressed. There are a lot of blondes among Dutch girls.

The most pleasant thing for men is that they almost all ride bicycles, seductively pedaling. In addition, they love to meet outside people on the street.

Brazil. Go down to the beach and you will be shocked by the unearthly beauty. This is exactly the place where the most attractive and hot women in the world are.

Brazilian men like because of their chocolate skin, beautiful hair and mouth-watering forms that are not equal to any women’s forms in the world.

Ukraine. Ukrainian women like all men because of their diversity. Here you can find a fragile slim and sultry woman with magnificent forms. Hot blondes, burning brunettes and bright red women live in Ukraine, and they are all incredibly beautiful.

Practically each of them has beautiful well-groomed skin, long eyelashes and thick hair.

Venezuela. This is the country that won the Miss Universe contest the most times. There are a lot of beautiful women here.

In addition, they know how to have fun, and communicate easily with strangers. In addition, they are passionate and temperamental.

Los Angeles, California, USA. These women are very different than ordinary Americans. They look just stunning at any time of the day or night.

The fact is that here it is considered non-compliant to have a non-ideal hairstyle or flaky nails. Therefore, every American in his heart wants to live in Los Angeles.

Bulgaria. Here live truly Slavic women who are famous for their politeness and education.

In addition, every second of them is very beautiful, watching their face and body, and it looks just gorgeous.

Argentina. In this country, a huge number of beautiful women, and they are very beautiful.

Many of them, of course, are trying to increase everything that is possible for themselves, but at the same time some manage to remain harmonious and desirable.

Denmark – The location of the blue-eyed blondes. According to statistics, in the capital of the country, Copenhagen lives the largest number of women liberated in an intimate sense.

There are many of them, and every second, without a doubt, will go with you to the bar to skip a glass or two, and at night can continue to meet in a more intimate setting.

Sweden. When you come to Stockholm, it seems that absolutely everything is beautiful here. By the way, these women are very fond of parties and noisy companies.

In addition, the Swedes are very sociable, intelligent and educated, and in bed they have almost no prohibitions.

Montreal, Canada. There are many universities and colleges in this city, therefore mostly young people live in the city.

Most of them speak French – the language of love. These women seem to be created to give pleasure to the man.

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