Pretty Asian, here they are, a positive video

Asian appearance: suitable make-up The main scourge of women of this type is skin problems and the specific structure of the upper eyelid, visually reducing the eyes and adding the gloomy look. Therefore, their main tool is a high-quality foundation and the ability to make Smoky Eyes. The hue of the corrective means should be chosen under the skin color, so it is better to avoid peach and pink, otherwise the effect will be inharmonious. The gamma of eye shadow is very diverse, so here girls can give themselves almost complete freedom of choice. In this case, there are many ways to apply them. For example, for daytime makeup shadows can be used as follows: Take preferably muted shades. Light shadows (under the skin tone) emphasize the upper eyelid, after which they impose darker along the line of the eyelashes and lightly exude the outer corner of the eye. For the same purpose use eyeliner, visually extending the incision. In this case, the line should be lead from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one, gradually thickening it. Mascara should be used lengthening, because those with Asian predominance have rather rare and short eyelashes. In order not to resort to artificial lining, you should use special curling tongs
But professional make-up, of course, requires much more effort and cosmetic means, so it’s better to watch a couple of video lessons.
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