Almost all women dream of a villa on the islands, luxury outfits and jewelry. The life of such queens is like a fairy tale, especially if they have extraterrestrial beauty. But few of them think about the other side of the coin. We invite you to recall the 20 models that died because of their beauty.

Pernicious beauty: 20 models who died because of their appearance

Ruslana Korshunova, Fashion model, which is famous for advertising perfumes from Nina Ricci. Career girl flourished until June 28, 2008 her body was not found in the courtyard in Manhattan. The girl jumped out of the window of the ninth floor, although close Ruslans do not believe in it.

Agnieszka Kotlyarska, The most beautiful girl in Poland in 1990, had everything for a beautiful and successful life. Until she got an obsessive fan of Jerzy, who threw her threats and declarations of love. Agnieska did not pay attention to this. Everything changed when she got married. Then the jealous Jerzy killed Agnieszka with her husband, lashing out on a couple with a knife.

Jonbenet ramsey, this little girl and Miss Colorado began a successful modeling career. Once her body was found in the basement of the parent house. For a long time it was believed that the killers were the parents of the girl and brother, but after 15 years the charges against them were dropped. The killer was never found.

Lina keza, The black model and owner of the title “Miss Africa” was very similar to Naomi Campbell. The girl’s life was interrupted when she was 29 years old when she was killed by an angry lover and the father of their joint daughter.

Michaela MacArvy, beauty queen of jordan, died during the honeymoon. Having gone on a honeymoon, the girl rested with her fiance in Mauritius. There she decided to go from the bar to the apartment to get something. After living, no one saw her – the girl’s body was found in the bathroom.

Anna Nicole Smith, Playboy magazine model died at the age of 39. In 2007, she was found dead in a hotel room in the Bahamas. The cause of death is still not exactly known, because the life of a woman was rather scandalous: several marriages, high-profile divorce proceedings, a drug addict son, etc.

Svetlana Kotova, “Miss Russia – 1996”, always considered herself a beauty, and did not want to marry a simple guy. On the New Year’s Eve, she went to Greece to her lover. Then the armed guys broke into the villa, where the couple rested, and settled accounts with Svetlana and her fiance.

Monica Speer, The most beautiful woman in Venezuela, in 2014, together with her husband and 5-year-old daughter, went to the New Year holidays. On the track it turned out that the tires of their car had been punctured. Then the couple called the police, but the police did not have time to save the couple. The bandits attacked Monica and her husband, leaving only their little daughter alive.

Karina Vetrano Glory through her training videos. She loved sports very much and called him the main thing in her life. One morning she went for a run, and suddenly stopped answering calls. The body of the girl was found four meters from the treadmill. It is believed that Karina was the victim of a maniac, but this murder has not yet been solved.

Maria José Alvarado, 19-year-old “Miss Honduras 2014”, was going to go to work abroad. But after celebrating the birthday of her sister’s boyfriend, the beauty disappeared. That same day, Mary’s sister also disappeared. About the disappearance of the girls said the birthday man, and then came to the police with a confession. As it turned out, he was jealous of his girlfriend and shot her in a fit of passion, and Miss Honduras 2014 simply became an unnecessary witness …

Kadamba Simmons. This famous fashion model and British actress died at the age of 24. The girl’s former friend suspected that the girl had cheated on him. As a result, the guy broke into her apartment and hung it in the shower.

Vlad Dziuba. The young model, who had great prospects, died at the age of 14 years – the irreparable happened in October 2017. The girl became ill after a grueling 13-hour fashion show in Shanghai. That fateful evening Vlada had a temperature below 40 degrees. It cost and work 13 hours in this state?

Julia Loshagina. Before her disappearance in 2013, Yulia Loshagina celebrated her 28th birthday. They found her badly mutilated, with a broken neck and a burned face. As it turned out, her husband was her killer. They say he has revenged Yulia for treason and HIV infection.

Rauda Atif. The owner of the “most beautiful eyes” in the world of fashion-industry on March 31, 2017 was found dead in a room in a student dormitory. According to the investigation, the girl committed suicide, the cause of which is unknown. But relatives believe that Raudu was killed.

Viveka Babaji was a model and a famous bollywood actress. She was found dead in June 2010 in her apartment in Mumbai. They say the beauty committed suicide because of unhappy love.

Dol kim – South Korean top model, which suffered from chronic depression, emotional instability and insomnia. They say the doctors suspected her split personality, and the exhausting work probably worsened her condition even more.

Lucy gordon was a sought-after model and actress. Unexpectedly for everyone who knew her, two days before her birthday, she committed suicide. It is said that she experienced the death of a close friend, who, by the way, also committed suicide.

Haley Mary Cole many starred for the gloss, participated in shows, and a few months before her death, she moved to live in Milan, where she signed a very lucrative contract with one of the modeling agencies. Why she killed herself is a mystery.

Natasha Duncan. One of the first plus-size models, the beautiful Natasha Duncan, suffered from psychological disorder and emotional instability. At least so reported the media. The girl’s body was discovered by her roommate.

Margo Hemingway. – the famous model of the 70s-90s and granddaughter of the famous Ernest Hemingway. The woman settled accounts with life the day before the anniversary of her grandfather’s suicide. They say two unsuccessful marriages and negative from the side of film critics broke a woman.

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