Perfect girl appearance. Gif video of a beautiful girl.
Perhaps there is no such man who never dreamed of an ideal woman. And for each, the image of a woman dreams. For one, this is a romantic and modest lady, and the other is delighted with the spectacular, wayward bitch. Many men are attracted by the image of a glamorous, “white and fluffy” blonde. But still, according to the male psychology, with all the variety of images of an ideal woman, we can distinguish the characteristic common features that she should possess.
The appearance of the perfect woman The appearance of a woman for men plays a crucial role. Male psychology is arranged in such a way that in the very first minutes he subconsciously regards whether it is worth his attention. What should an ideal woman look like?
Makeup Many men prefer women neatly tinted, rather than those who put too much “plaster” on the face. Who would like a girl who looks like an Indian on the warpath? Men are attracted to naturalness in women. But this does not mean that you do not need to use cosmetics. Use, but within reasonable limits. Avoid dark shades in makeup. First of all, men pay attention to the eyes, the beauty of which can be favorably emphasized with eyeliner in accordance with the color of the eyes and suitable eye shadow. Lips, this is the second thing men look at. They like plump lips, slightly moist. Curls Hair, the main decoration of women, attracting men from ancient times. They should be healthy, clean and silky. According to the results of special surveys, the absolute majority of men like girls with long and flowing hair. In their opinion, the long-haired girl is the personification of femininity. Therefore, before you go to the hairdresser for an intricate styling, think carefully. Remember about hair color. Here, too, the main rule is naturalness. Hue is preferable to choose natural.
The figure Taste preferences regarding the female figure in men differ. Someone to taste girls pyshechki, and someone slims slender. But still, most men represent the perfect woman with a tucked-up leggy possessor of a magnificent bust and elastic buttocks, with a flat stomach and a chiselled waist. Therefore, if you think about how to conquer the man you like or just want to catch the ecstatic views of the opposite sex, take care of your body: gym, swimming, jogging – this is exactly what you need! Style of clothes Men like girls who can look elegant, sexy, with no ounce of vulgarity. Clothing should favorably emphasize the charming form, hiding possible shortcomings. The calling outfit looks depraved and does not like a man with serious intentions. Despite the fact that men look at girls in mini-skirts, at the same time, they are unlikely to let their beloved out of the house in frank dress. Of course, the above image is assembled from the wishes of most men, but not all. Because, after all, in the imagination of every man, his own image of an ideal woman. But what you can not argue with is the fact that the ideal woman through the eyes of a man is well-groomed, stylish, neat.

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