Model from China Fay Fei Song, video

Faye Fei Sun

Model, born in 1989. She was born in Hebei Province, which is located in the east of China. At that time, a young girl from the very childhood was interested in fashion. She graduated from high school and in a few years she became a model in China. A turning point for her became 2008. Then she took part in the international contest “Elite Model Look”, at which she represented China and took the 3rd position. After that, she immediately began to receive proposals for the continuation of the modeling career in New York. In 2009, Fei Fei Song first appeared in the spring-summer show “Nathan Jenden”, as well as at the Fashion Week in London.
The first season brought her great success. Immediately she got into as many as three lists of top 10 newcomers. Now it is called the ideal of Asian beauty.
Good mood when watching a video of the Chinese model, which is now called the ideal of Asian beauty. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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