Key features for selecting female cars. Gif videos of beautiful girls and cars.
Key features for selecting female cars
   Starting to choose and buy a car for yourself, each girl is usually guided by such wishes:
• – Inexpensive price for a female car and small wastes for its further maintenance, of course, if you don’t have the opportunity to buy an expensive model or don’t give you such a car. In most cases, this wish is based on the reluctance to spend big money on cars, which is necessary only for convenient movement around the city. The main thing is that the car was practical, small and comfortable for everyday driving.
• – Appearance and dimensions of cars for girls. When choosing a car, most girls prefer small compact cars, which will have low fuel consumption, and the car will be maneuverable, comfortable when driving, parking and easy to drive. The compact car is a good choice for a woman.
• – Automatic transmission (automatic transmission) on a female car is the most frequent choice, because it is much easier to manage during daily movement around the city. For girls, the car on the machine is a good option to quickly get used to the car and city traffic.
• – Driving safety for girls is another important parameter when choosing a car, especially if it is a young mother who, for example, will often need to carry a child in a car. In this case, four-place models will be relevant, so that you can place a baby car seat in the back seat.
• – New or used car for women? When choosing a first car, it is better to pay attention to new cars, in which you will be completely confident on the road.

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