Incredibly beautiful Asian girls, video

Color scale for Asians Everyone has a desire to move on, change themselves and the world around. The easiest way, of course, is to start with what is closer – your own image. But in this case, just get confused, because one of the most exotic types is the Asian appearance. What color of hair will suit? What is the best range for make-up and clothing? Similar questions often arise in Asian girls seeking to meet European standards of beauty. And they have a way out: you just need to know your color. Usually people with this appearance are referred to as the “winter” category. They are owners of dark hair and cold skin tone (except for some nationalities). They do not have warm, golden colors, as they visually “yellow” the face and other open areas of the body. Therefore, Asians are recommended to dye their hair in dark and ashy colors, sometimes a plum or chestnut shade is allowed. Of course, there are exceptions, but often they do not look very harmonious. In makeup, Asian appearance (the description in the section above) allows a little more variety: you can use almost all colors except red and dark brown (when it comes to lipstick). In clothes, you should not be embarrassed, however, you can take note that people with yellowish skin are especially blue, blue and violet shades
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