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How to fill the car.

Having received new rights, you should understand that among all the concerns associated with the car, refueling is something that you will encounter regularly. To fill the car correctly, you need to know some rules and subtleties. You need to clarify in advance what kind of fuel your car fills, as well as learn how to open the gas tank hatch.
And now let’s go to the gas station. You should know that bad gas is bad for a car, like spoiled food for the stomach. To choose a gas station, ask colleagues and acquaintances which of the gas stations convenient for you at the location sells good gasoline, and try to refuel only there.
Drive up to the column with the side of the car on which the gas tank hatch is located. For obvious reasons, they are afraid of fire at gas stations, therefore, having approached the column, be sure to turn off the engine. No need to remind that smoking at the gas station is strictly prohibited.
If a tanker came up to you, tell him what kind of gasoline you need, and help him open the gas tank hatch if necessary. After that, go to the cashier. You can order a certain number of liters, purchase gasoline for a certain amount or fill the car to a full tank.
Require a receipt and be sure to keep it until the next refill. If the car has suffered from bad gasoline, claims will be considered only if there is a check. In addition, experienced drivers noticed that if you ask for a check, then there is almost no underfilling.
If there is no tanker at the station, you will have to take matters into your own hands. Insert the filling gun into the neck of the gas tank and press the lever under its grip. On the scoreboard columns will run the numbers – the amount of gasoline already poured and its cost. When the tank is full, the lock will click off and gasoline will stop feeding. If there is no retainer, you can see how gasoline foams at the very neck. Immediately release the lever.
Do not try to fill the gasoline to the very cover. Without calculating, you can doused yourself or pour over the car. If you refueled to full tank, do not forget to get the change!
To find out that it’s time to refill the car, you can follow the fuel gauge on the dashboard. As a rule, when the fuel level drops to a minimum, a light bulb lights up near its scale. Unfortunately, this light bulb is not placed on all models of cars, so pay attention to the arrow and try to refuel as soon as the fuel gauge starts to show less than half the tank.
If the gasoline runs out, it happens like this: first the “ebbs” begin – dips of thrust during acceleration, on ascents, in sharp turns. A little more – and the engine stalls. Do not try to start it again and again. This is very harmful for the fuel pump. Better at the first sign to pull over and turn off the ignition.
Now you need to either deliver the gasoline to the car, or find a way to get to the gas station. If you have such an opportunity, use the help of friends who can bring you some gasoline in a canister or tow you to a gas station.
Do not accept the help of well-wishers who are ready to drain some gasoline from their tank or splash doubtful liquid into your gas tank with a canister. Poor-quality gasoline can cause serious damage to the car, which is likely to be recognized as a non-warranty and non-insured event.

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