Girls attract the love of men with the help of Japanese wisdom, gif video
Attracting love with the help of Japanese wisdom One of the main eastern teachings is – Feng Shui. It tells you how to better organize the space around you so that there is harmony in life. There are also a lot of important advice that concerns the relationship between a man and a woman, love. In this ancient culture, it is believed that a figurine of porcelain cranes or mandarin ducks brings love to the house. Therefore, you can purchase such an item of interior and put in a prominent place. As well as ridding your mind of everything unnecessary and negative, you need to clean the house of all trash. At the same time, it is possible to free an extra shelf in the apartment for the things of the future elect. It is desirable that the house was as much as possible just a pair in the interior in the objects of daily use. For example, two plates, cups from one service. Particularly effective is the acquisition of two red candles with the same candlesticks. It will be the mascot of future strong relationships. Change the interior of the apartment, the color scheme. You can add a bit of male shades, such as blue or gray. Also, you can add a few “male” things, for example, magazines about sports. But do not get too carried away and make a very cold decor. It is advisable to buy a double bed and make her beautiful and romantic linens. In this case, the pink color will not be superfluous. You can place photos or pictures of happy couples in the most prominent places. It can be statues and statues. Also, there are certain stones that attract love. These include tourmaline, topaz, amber and rubies. But most importantly, do not be upset if the second half never met. Perhaps just is not the time. Do not withdraw into yourself and get depressed. It should always be tuned to all good, and it will meet.

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