Fur coat from natural fur on the girl, gif video
We evaluate the quality of fur
It is quite logical that the main criterion for choosing a fur coat is the quality of natural fur. How to assess his condition? To do this, experts recommend stroking the pile against growth, and then observe how long it took for the fur to take on its original appearance. Quality mink instantly smoothed, and low-quality fur will remain “tousled.” Of course, it is recommended to refrain from buying such a product. If the fur has passed the first stage of testing, then you should evaluate the condition of the undercoat – a light gun that covers the skin at its very base. In the mink coat he must be! And now it’s time to arrange a product test, which will confirm its quality or convince you that the purchase should be postponed. Gently shake the coat or try to pull out a few villi. Fur, which crumbles, and bunches, which remain in the hands with a slight pinching, indicate that the manufacturer has treated the production technology in bad faith. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that a quality product, if improperly stored, can become so. In any case, the purchase of such a fur coat is a waste of money, because its presentation will very soon be lost.
To assess the authenticity of natural fur today is not so easy, because the masters of underground production are making every effort to make the fake look decent. But there is one simple method: compare the length of the villi. If they differ in length, then you have a fake.
And the last. Do not be alarmed if the bottom lining will not be hemmed over the entire area. The manufacturer leaves an open seam intentionally so that buyers can look inside and see the quality of the seams. Fully hemmed lining is a reason to guard, as deception is not excluded.

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