Because of the general attention, the first ladies should always have a beautiful view. They need to set an example in everything – from social activities to family and outfits. Some people do it better than others, in these women the mind, style, charm and strong character are harmoniously combined. 10 spouses of heads of state who are not satisfied with the role of an annex to the husband-politician, but managed to win the hearts of millions, are presented to your attention.

First ladies who won the hearts of millions

Jacqueline Kennedy, USA. “My task is to show the world that the States are not a country of bad taste,” said Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of US President John F. Kennedy. She was an icon of style and a real pop star. For many fashion designers, Jacqueline is still a muse.

“The dress should be tight enough to show that you are a woman, and free enough to show that you are a lady,” is also a statement by Jacqueline. In addition to excellent taste and style, she conquered the softness of her character, sense of humor, as well as a sharp mind and boundless devotion to her spouse.

Michelle Obama, USA. Thanks to the radiated energy and naturalness, Michelle Obama causes not only sympathy, but also respect. When her husband was elected head of the United States, Michelle took up issues that bothered her. Everyone knows that in America there is the problem of obesity, to deal with it, Michelle launched the program “Let’s move.” She created a vegetable garden in the White House, by example showing the benefits of healthy eating.

Special attention should be paid to the style of Michelle – she knows how to look feminine and fashionable. And in the oratory of Michelle eclipsed even her husband. She has repeatedly said that she does not plan a political career, but many predict her success in this field.

Grace Kelly, Monaco. The unsurpassed beauty and one of the most successful Hollywood actresses who sacrificed her film career for marriage, her husband was Prince Rainier of Monaco III. Princess Grace won the hearts of all the inhabitants of a small country. At her first princess Christmas ball, Grace invited children from all over the principality at the age of 3 to 12 years.

Everyone loved her very much, but was she happy? The husband-prince turned out to be a terrible jealous man who did not like the high life. The princess died in 1982, the cause of her death was a car accident.

Carla Bruni, France. It is difficult to notice with what adoration Nicolas looks at her spouse. Successful top model, poetess and singer – the world learned about her before the famous politician Nicolas Sarkozy.

At one time, her mind and beauty killed Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Kevin Costner. Despite her difficult past, Karla very quickly became a favorite of French women, thanks to her freedom-loving nature. Leaving the post of first lady, Carla returned to the tour and became the chief editor of French Vogue.

Melanya Trump, United States. Chet Trump can cause many-sided feelings, but one thing is certain: looking at this pair you will hold your mind on Melanie. Beauty Melanya began her career at the age of 16, she performed at shows in Milan and Paris.

In 1999, the model met with Donald Trump. The billionaire did not immediately succeed in conquering the beauty’s heart, but he began to care so eagerly that he soon managed to achieve reciprocity.

Chantal Biya, Cameroon. Cameroon’s First Lady is simply impossible to miss. It is just a little too much: hair, bright colors, massive accessories. But it is known not only because of its eccentricity.

Chantal is involved in charity work, and her name is Africa’s first international center for the prevention of the spread of HIV and AIDS. Outside the country, the good and responsive First Lady of Cameroon is known much more than her spouse, President Paul Biya.

Sheikh Moza bint Nasser al-Misned, Qatar. Her Highness Sheikh Moza bint Nasser al-Misned, the spouse of the former emir of Qatar. She is one of the most stylish women in the East. Despite the centuries-old traditions of his region, Moza appears in public with an open face, has a doctorate degree, is a lady commander of the Order of the British Empire and special envoy of UNESCO.

Her eyes are called the gray cardinal of Qatar. Thanks to its influence, modernization began in the country, and relations with the Western world began to improve.

Queen Leticia, Spain. The wife of the King of Spain, Philip VI, the unique Leticia, is a socialite, an icon of style and a mother of two charming daughters. The Queen is loved by all the inhabitants of Spain, and outside the country she is more popular than her crowned husband.

In addition to the beauty and grace of Leticia, there is something to be proud of: she built a successful career in journalism, and after becoming a princess (and later a queen), she won numerous awards for her success in protecting children, promoting culture and education.

Queen Rania, Jordan. This graceful girl is the wife of the King of Jordan and the mother of four children. Many call Rania a modern Cinderella. An ordinary girl who worked in the Citibank Amman office, where she met her future husband.

The queen has repeatedly said that she considers herself a real Arab woman, and devotes most of her time to her spouse and four children. She is the head of the foundation that fights for women’s rights, the queen also opposes child abuse. Rania supports vaccination and donation programs and wants to equip all schools in Jordan with computers.

“The Fairy of Peonies” Peng Liyuan, China. The wife of PRC Chairman Xi Jinping is a popular singer in China, without whom not a single New Year’s gala concert on central television can do. They met their spouse in 1986, when almost no one heard about him, but Peng Liyuan was well known and loved. She is intelligent, has a strong character and has a weighty influence in the country. And as if this is not enough – it is also Major General.

The people Peng called “The Fairy of Peonies.” Peony, as the most revered flower in China, is associated with the symbolism of emperors, personifies beauty and sensuality – qualities that, according to residents, are inherent in Peng Liyuan.

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