Not every one of us is ready to see our favorite star without makeup, so to speak, beautiful by nature. We used to look at celebrities only on the red carpet, where they are in perfect shape. We suggest you look at the photos of famous people without makeup.

Famous beauties of the world show business with and without make-up (20 photos)

Tara reed. Favorite of all, gained fame thanks to its sexual role in the “American Pie” and other comedies, pretty old. In addition, she does not take care of herself. Fans rightly commented on Tara on Instagram: “skin and bones.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar. Buffy – so we call her thanks to the youth series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, in which she played a major role. But in everyday life, Sarah is not so sexy when compared to studio shots.

Alla Pugacheva. Diva in ordinary life in general is similar to the average grandmother. And the make-up does not belittle its age at all.

Cameron Diaz, Hollywood sex symbol, too, photographed without makeup. Many, of course, were upset, especially men. In ordinary life, Cameron is no different from ordinary women.

Britney Spears. Brilliant and glamorous beauty Britney in everyday life – a simple girl. Photos taken simply on the street, show that you should not believe glossy magazines.

Jennifer Aniston. Of course, in her 49 years, Jennifer looks great, but still there are differences from her image on the red carpet. Wrinkles are visible in a Hollywood star, and the complexion is far from perfect.

Larisa Dolina altogether upset many fans. Of course, Larissa is still nothing with a multi-layered makeup. But in fact, 61-year-old singer pretty old.

Jennifer Love Hewitt. This American actress, who gained fame for her role in the film “Heartbreakers,” in everyday life has small eyes, wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes. And she is only 37 years old!

Paris Hilton. Chocolate blonde and sex symbol of modernity Paris is also an ordinary girl. She has small eyes and imperfect skin. However, the darling of hundreds of millions of men can carefully hide their flaws.

Anita Tsoi. This Russian singer cannot be called a super beauty, but without make-up it is still worse. Photos of the 45-year-old singer show reality.

Milla Jovovich, American actress, the favorite of millions, in everyday life also looks standard. No you sex symbols and standards of beauty.

Lady Gaga, scandalous American singer, on weekdays is not at all beautiful. Makeup, plastic, photoshop – and all at the highest level. But the reality is.

Jay lo Jennifer Lopez will be 47 years old on July 24th. At such a decent age, the singer looks even 100% without even makeup. That’s who you need to be equal to!

Fergie. Fergie. The real name of the popular American singer and soloist of the Black Eyed Peas band is Stacy Ann Fergusson. The skin of her face without makeup, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. Even her fans admit it.

Dakota Johnson. The appearance of the “gray mouse” does not spoil Dakota at all, even plays into her hands. Probably, thanks to this appearance, the actress got the main role in one of the highest-grossing films of 2015 – “Fifty shades of gray”.

Ashley greene without makeup just do not know. She looks exhausted with some shapeless face. In this form, only the most loyal fans of Ashley could recognize the star of the vampire saga “Twilight” on the street.

Selma Blair. The star of the “Cruel Games” Selma Blair will turn 46 in 2018. Age has played a cruel joke with the actress – without a make-up, a celebrity looks, let’s say, not very …

Rihanna Admittedly, the exotic appearance of the singer allows her to look very good even without makeup. Well, a stylish make-up makes Rihanna a vamp.

Kate Hudson. Despite the age and birth of two children, Kate managed to keep a surprisingly slim figure. But the appearance of a little pumped up – without a makeup star, it is better not to appear in public.

Adele. One of the most popular singers in the world from time to time shows the fans themselves without makeup. But such photos can not always be called successful …

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