Choose the style and size of the fur coat, gif video of a girl in a fur, fashionable fur coat
Choose a style and size of fur coats

Before you choose the style of mink coat, you should adequately assess your figure. This is not the case when you can downplay the hips, close your eyes to the absence of the waist. For curvy ladies, it’s better to opt for a loose-fitting fur coat without a hood and a belt. As for the type of tailoring, a fur coat-cross will be an excellent solution. Diagonal stripes visually narrow the silhouette, lengthen it, hiding lush volumes. And now about how to choose a mink coat across. Experts recommend models in which the stripes have the same width, and their color is the same or smoothly turns into the semitone of the next strip. There are no restrictions for girls with a chiseled figure. They go and fur coats across, and fur coats in dissolution, and fur coats in piling.
How to choose the size of the mink coat, you will be prompted by the reflection in the mirror, because the size of the mesh from different manufacturers may vary. Just fitting! And it is desirable that the company you make a girlfriend who can sincerely evaluate the result. The product should not hold down movements, interfere with walking, look good and with a light blouse, and with a warm sweater.

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