In fact, gentlemen prefer in different ways, including depending on the circumstances: appearance is more important for casual or short-term connections, but for a permanent union, consecrated by walking around a lectern and / or a stamp in a passport, the external attractiveness of the partner is at best fifth place in the list of two or three dozen items. And hair color, if anyone does not know, is just one of the components of this very attractiveness. But the rest of the blond girls, as well as brunettes and redheads, plump and slim … mmm … unfortunately, are not the subject of this article. Moreover, we still will not come to a consensus: de gustibus et coloribus (non) est disputandum. In the most detailed collections of Latin folk proverbs, this phrase is given in this form – “they (don’t) argue about tastes and colors”. That is, it would not be worth it, but they argue. But, despite the actual variety of tastes, the directly posed theoretical question: “Women with what hair color do you prefer?” – brainless men in most sociologically-sexological polls in two or three voices against one stupidly answer: “Blondes!” Because males Blondes do not think about women as the cerebral cortex. But not what you thought. A subcortical and even lumbosacral spinal cord.
This explains the common opinion among the strong half of humanity that the characteristic feature of blondes is reduced intelligence: just the men themselves in their presence noticeably become stupid. And blame the hormones. Next to blondes, primitive male organisms with the help of instinct inherited from their ancestors feel: blondes usually have more estrogen in their bodies – female sex hormones than brunettes. Consequently, the blonde gives birth to you more babies and feed them better than the brunette. The rest for the survival of the form is less significant, even the fact that brunettes have more testosterone – a male sex hormone that increases female passion and at the same time enhances hair growth (not on the head, but where epilation).
How sex hormones are related to hair color is almost unknown to science. It seems that they somehow participate in the regulation of melanin synthesis. And here we got to the most important thing.

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