Ideas about female beauty change from year to year. However, there are women who will always admire, because they represent the standards of beauty.

22 photos of women whose beauty is timeless

Marlene Dietrich – German and American actress, singer. Her image in cinema is considered by most to be absolutely perfect. She was incredibly popular not only in movies, but also in music.

Marlene Dietrich possessed a bright timbre of voice, which sounded very colloritic. The actress had several high-profile romances, the most famous of which were with Remarque and Hemingway.

Vivien leigh – English actress, who won two Oscars. In particular, the role in the movie “Gone With the Wind” brought Vivienne not only the legendary statuette, but also world-wide fame.

Vivien Leigh. During her 30-year career, Lee played many roles: Ophelia, Cleopatra, Juliet … But the most memorable can rightly be called her Scarlet and Anna Karenina.

Marilyn Monroe. American actress and singer played many roles. The most popular film with her participation was kiolenta “In the jazz only girls.”

Marilyn Monroe created its own corporation, Marilyn Monroe Production, and was awarded the Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960. There were many rumors about her affair with US President John F. Kennedy.

Sophia Loren. Italian actress and singer, winner of the Academy Award. She starred in many films and was a real idol of many.

Sophia Loren. The most significant roles of Sophia Loren played in “Chochara” with Jean-Paul Belmondo, in “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, “Braque in Italian”, “Sunflowers”. In the last three films, her partner was Marcello Mastroianni, their duet is considered one of the brightest films in history.

Catherine Deneuve. This French actress received the status of a star after the Cannes triumph of the musical film “Umbrellas of Cherbourg.” At 25, she became the face of the fragrance Chanel No. 5.

Have Catherine Deneuve There were a lot of novels with famous men. One of the most vivid and turbulent – a ten-year affair with Gerar Depardieu.

Brigitte Bardot – french actress and singer. She gained worldwide popularity due to her role in the film “And God Made Woman”.

Brigitte Bardot was for Europe the same beauty standard as Marilyn Monroe for America. She starred in 48 films and recorded 80 songs.

Grace Kelly. American actress, winner of the Oscar. She starred in various directors, played in several films by Alfred Hitchcock. Was on the 13th place in the list of the greatest movie stars.

Grace kelly received no less fame as a princess of Monaco, which she became in 1956, having married Prince of Monaco Rainier III. In 2001, the English magazine Vogue published a list of the 100 most elegant women of all time, and Grace Kelly took the 1st place in it.

In honor of Romy Schneider named French Prize, which is awarded to young film actors. By the way, many have heard about the long and beautiful novel of Romy with Alain Delon.

Greta Garbo. Swedish and American actress, winner of the Academy Award. Her most famous silent pictures are Stream, Flesh and the Devil, and Love.

Greta Garbo. reached the pinnacle of popularity and won the audience with its beauty and hoarse voice, which the world has already heard in sound film.

Elizabeth Taylor. The actress, who at one time was called the Queen of Hollywood. Onana received the Oscar three times and became the first actress, whose fee for shooting the film was one million dollars.

By the way, Elizabeth Taylor was the owner of one of the largest collections of jewelry in the world.

Audrey Hepburn – British and American actress, model. She won an Oscar for Best Actress in the film Roman Holiday.

Also Audrey Hepburn considered the highest paid actress of her time. She owns 3rd place in the list of the greatest actresses of American cinema.

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