two funny kitten in shoes

two funny kitten in shoes.
About a cat
The cat will wake up very much early,
will make the list of affairs per day.
Though today Sunday,
to it to get up in the morning not laziness.

The hostess will abuse a cat,
it “dropped” a tray with cake,
she silly does not know,
as it is difficult to be a cat.

And at a cat of problems not to consider.
From a sofa to get down, reach a bowl,
and for the owner to eat up
day before yesterday sausage.

Still it is necessary to play
with children, they will feed with a semolina.
Would play better doctors,
then would give valerians.

Today owners have a holiday,
they have some anniversary.
Not for nothing someone shouted in kitchen,
since morning “to a cat of 100 grams pour”.

Guests somewhere in seven will come to the house,
all of them are glad to the invitation.
And it is obligatory for all of them,
the cat should be stroked very much.

And then it is necessary for a cat,
somehow all to thank them.
Suffered all evening that to everyone
in boots on “100 grams to pour”.

Yesterday pokleit wall-paper,
their texture alas not that,
new demand all things,
design strokes of a cat.

And the cat threw out cake specially,
in the same place oil, margarine.
He cares for owners,
cholesterol is impossible for them.

As many cases the cat carries out,
on it all house keeps,
in a family nobody understands,
as it is difficult to be a cat

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