The most cute kittens in the British cat Boni, the first days of life, video
The birth of kittens (especially for the first time) is an exciting event not only for the cat, but also for its owners. And, although almost the entire care of offspring in the first weeks lies with the cat, the owners can help her with this. The main thing is to provide proper care and nutrition so that the cat has enough milk.
In the early days, people should not touch the kittens with their hands, because the cat may refuse them – stop feeding. In the first month, you need to observe how the kittens gain weight and develop.
First week of life
Kittens are born without hearing and vision, with thin hair, fragile bones and poor thermoregulation, so they urgently need a mother who warms them. The first day after birth, the cat surrounds the offspring with its body and practically does not leave a permanent place. And when she makes small absences, the kittens try to lump together, closer to each other.
By the way, the smell of kittens is developed from birth, and therefore they can smell mother from the first days of life. They come to light with a weight of no more than 100 g, and up to 10 cm in length. Every day a kitten should add 10–20 g.
At first, the kittens are almost all the time sleeping and eating, they cannot go to the toilet on their own and are not able to stand on their paws, moving around the cat crawling. On the third day, the kittens lose their umbilical cord, and on the fifth day they have a hearing, although they cannot yet determine the source of the sound.

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