The most attractive and smiling dog from Japan. What is its appeal Gif video
First of all, it is compact, but it looks impressive already in childhood. By the way, in the iconic film “Hachiko” – the puppy played precisely Siba Inu. So they look like!
It is very important, in my opinion, that the dog is very clean. And it is extremely constant its quality. Long walks for Shiba Inu are very important. And if you love your dog, then respect its willpower, because it walks at least two or three hours a day. In addition, Shiba Inu is very silent, but if necessary, can produce a variety of sounds. And being in a house or apartment, will be happy to play the role of a security guard.
These dogs are so faithful that it is hard to believe that a person deserves such devotion and love.
Siba Inu are warlike towards other dogs and strangers, they are exclusive owners. Having chosen any toy in the house, furniture – they do not allow anyone to it. Therefore, in childhood, Shiba Inu must pass the school of education.
The breed, despite some flaws in its character, is the most prestigious dog in Japan.
She is a player by nature. Interesting fact: they never grow old in spirit, very funny, cheerful and laugh tail.
In Russia, Siba Inu is known and popular at present, but few in spite of its small size and elegance. It has small vertical ears, beautiful fur, a strong body and a rounded tail. Shiba Inu is bold, energetic, good-natured and full of confidence, unpretentious, vigilant by nature, jealous.
It feeds on potatoes, roots, fruits and is modest in eating.
If she misrepresents, then only her peculiar tricks will be able to appease the owner and avoid punishment. But in the end, the owner will surely remain guilty, but not only Shiba Inu! It is possible to agree with Shiba Inu and then coexist together. For a man, this dog will become a good and faithful friend, and will serve him for the rest of his life. Shiba Inu will not allow himself to be ironed and has a very negative attitude towards leashes and collars.
And, finishing my story, I want to remind you that a dog is the only creature in the world that loves you more than itself. Shiba Inu has the only drawback – they trust people. And never forget that they have one remarkable quality – they remember the good that you do for her, you are her benefactor, she will be faithful to you and thankful for all her small life, by our standards.
To love and breathe only one Shiba-Inu, that’s what awaits the one who decides to get an amazing friend from faraway Japan.

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