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Getting itself a pet, many of us dream to teach him to some unusual tricks. And, if, buying a dog, you guarantee yourself mild and pleasant training, then buying a cat, to you, most likely, it is necessary to try that your pet executed commands, or some amusing actions. Training of cats in house conditions — process much more laborious, than with a dog, and sometimes it is quite difficult to the beginning koshkovod to achieve any significant results.

How to train a cat and a cat?

The cat – creation capricious and freedom-loving, so approach to training which works with dogs is not applicable here at all. Besides, It should be noted that not each cat is capable to execute all whims of the owner. To gain the maximal effect of training, you need to observe attentively the animal to find out what tricks to it to liking.

For example, many cats adore dragging the favourite toys in teeth, and it means what such cat quite just will bring various things on command. It is natural that the size of a subject which it is planned to train a cat has to be comparable to the size most cat, and expect that your favourite will bring you slippers – difficult. Well, if it is, of course, not a huge Maine Coon. If your cat loves the outdoor games, and always with pleasure runs and jumps, without knowing a fatigue, then it will be very simple to you to train it in jumps through a ring and also a zaprygivaniya somewhere on command. Watching behavior of an animal, you very quickly will understand what should train it to achieve the fastest result. Having found out what tricks are pleasant to most of all pet, let’s learn how to train a cat of the house and that for this purpose can be necessary.

Approaching a question of training of cats in house conditions, it is necessary to understand that on coercion they will do nothing. Even on the contrary – you can encounter not the hefty resistance and therefore in a question of training of a cat to something new, it is necessary to rely only on caress and encouragement. After successful performance by an animal of what you want from it, you need to award it with something tasty. Today the zooindustry offers a set of the delicacies intended especially for cats and therefore problems with the choice of delicacy for trainings should not arise. Having summed up, one may say, that the main principle of how to train a cat consists in persistence and multiple repetition of necessary team, plus – positive fixing of the necessary result.

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