The first day of life of British kittens, video positive
Second week of life
The kitten already weighs twice as much as at birth, and its eyes open – however, they are bluish-dull and covered with film. For this reason, the pet can only distinguish the outlines of objects. Understand that the kitten appeared even though weak, but it is possible by the fact that the eyelids began to move apart and eyes could be seen in the gap.
Wool becomes thicker, an undercoat appears, and the kitten no longer needs to be so warm as in the first days of life. But the baby still needs to stay close to the mother in a warm box or on the litter. The kitten cannot walk yet and continues to crawl.
Third week of life
Pet continues to actively gain weight, his eyesight improves, although it is still weak, therefore, crawling, he can bump into objects. He is not yet able to determine the distance to objects, since he is not developed binocular vision. Right now he makes the first attempts to get out of the stove in which he lives. During this period, his first milk teeth begin to erupt, and this happens without obvious symptoms.
Fourth week of life
At this stage of development, baby teeth should already appear in the baby, which is why it is time to add supplements to the diet and give water. At this age, the kitten can walk on its own, although it does not move too fast. He is already playing with other kittens from the litter and begins to learn from his mother’s skills.
At this time, next to the litter on which the kittens live, you can put a tray to the kids began to get used to it. Their bones have become stronger, and you can already take kittens in your arms, play with them and stroke them, that is, carry out simple manipulations for their socialization and getting used to the person. In addition, this is the right time for deworming.

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