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How to teach a dog to swim?
In fact, there is no reason why your dog would not swim. However, this does not mean that she will do it with pleasure. This behavior is typical for many dogs, and, regardless of the breed. And even among dogs of breeds specially bred for swimming (for example, Labradors), you can sometimes find individuals who are not happy with the prospect of being in the water. In such cases, it’s rather a question of how to teach the dog to swim, but how to make it enjoy the activity.
For a start, you just need to walk with the dog more often to the shore of the reservoirs, to observe its behavior; if an animal even runs into the water for a short time, it should be rewarded with something tasty. For animals that love to bring balls or sticks discarded by the owner, you can use the same tennis ball or any floating toy. Do not immediately throw them away – let the dog feel comfortable first at some shallow depth.
If your pet is quite lively and without fear swims off the coast, you can gradually throw the toy to a greater depth. It is noteworthy that many dogs can very easily go into the water, if they are offered to play by another dog that can swim. In addition, there are animals that just love diving! If you have familiar dog lovers with such a lover of water, take your pets for a walk together. You will not notice how your pet will love being in the water.
However, it is useful to remind once again that even if your dog can and loves swimming, you should still be on the alert. For example, you should not go to the pond if the animal is excessively tired of a long walk. It should be remembered that pregnant bitches and dogs in their advanced canine age get tired very quickly. Moreover, not every owner can determine that his pet is exhausted. In addition, you should avoid streams with currents, as well as those shores where sharp pitfalls can injure your pet.
However, even if your dog cannot learn to swim under any circumstances, you can still rush with it in open water. For this it is enough to use a special inflatable vest for dogs. By the way, when the sun is very hot on the beach, it is very useful to use such vests, as the dog can easily burn his “fifth point” on hot sand. In addition, it should be remembered that the dog should often be in the shade and drink cold water. If you follow these tips, your four-legged friend will always be happy to have fun with you in the water (even if he is not destined to learn how to swim).

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