Smart, smart, cute dog Pomeranian, gif video
By virtue of his natural acumen, the Pomeranian is easy to learn, he is happy to master various tricks. With him there is no need to repeatedly work out those or other teams. Often, he himself, perfectly oriented, is ahead of the gestures or voice commands of the host to achieve praise.
The main characteristic of the Spitz is its friendly and good-natured disposition without a hint of anger. He gets along well with children, with other pets, with curiosity and without anger meets strangers, but if the owner is good to them. Otherwise, it is a vigilant watchman guarding his family, his pack.
Pomeranian spitz differs loyalty and selfless devotion. He feels the mood of the host. Sometimes he even has to stop trying to please him.

The cheerful, mobile dog requires active games, walks in the fresh air, likes to run on the grass, swim, loves to tumble in the snow. These features he retains until old age.
A great companion is another characteristic of the spitz. The small size of the dog allows you to take it with you on long journeys in a carry or special bag. Dogs of this breed perfectly adapt to new places, have good health and tireless energy. The main thing for this baby is that the beloved master is near.

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