Scottish two month old kitten Unforgettable Timokha, positive video

APPEARANCE OF THE SCOTTISH CAT IN 2 MONTHS At 2 months the Scottish kittens are larger than the palm. They have already partially taken shape – and it is possible to judge which genes have been obtained approximately: color, visual appearance, or straightness, size (the cat will be miniature or large), etc. But it is also impossible to say for sure, because appearance can still be modified. For example, the hair of an adult cat is different from the infant, and the final complexion depends on many factors, and not only on genetics. But, nevertheless, high-quality Scottish kittens in 2 months – these are charming. We admire!
WEIGHT AND SIZE OF SCOTTISH CAT IN 2 MONTHS At 2 months the Scottish kitty weighs 400-900 grams, the cat – 800-1700 grams. Why such a large range of numbers, you ask? The fact is that the concept of norms is very vague. It all depends on genetics, how well the kittens eat, whether they are sick or their mother. At the same time in one litter kittens are always not the same weight: some will be more, others less. But at the same time the worst and frail kitten in one litter can be better than the best kitten in another litter. So everything is relative, you should focus on common sense. It is bad if the weight of the kitten approaches the lower or upper threshold. The lower threshold is especially critical, since he talks about the poor development of a kitten and the possible depletion of the body.
FEATURES OF KITTENS 2 MONTHS A two-month-old cat is considered equivalent to 1 year of a person. That is, helplessness is evident, however, fortunately, not like in humans. At 2 months, the kitten can already eat independently, and even raw meat. He is already investigating the apartment with might and main, sometimes occupying the most unexpected and hard-to-reach places. He can already scratch the offender and run away from him. But he can not catch the game and feed itself. He is not always capable of thoroughly licking his coat, since still communicates with the mother and receives the necessary care from her. In isolation from his mother to direct a marafet, he will get used to it himself. The Scottish kitten at 2 months is inquisitive and tastes everything, sometimes a tray filler. By the way, about the tray. The tray at 2 months, like a scratching post, the baby should already know. If in 1.5 months there are still mistakes, then in 2-2.5 months there should be a rule to go to the toilet in the right place. In the new house, of course, the kitten will become confused and will not immediately understand what’s what, but after a while it adapts. Two-month-old Scottish kittens are sleeping who is like: who loves with mom, who is alone, and who is already trying the owners bed and arranging a real hunt before bedtime, chasing the legs under a blanket. If, even in 1-1.5 months, the kittens are directed to the mother and brothers by their attention, and the person is not noticed very much, then at 2 months they are already showing interest in big cats without hair, as they perceive us. It is at this age that it is very important to build the right relationship with a person in order not to remain wild, insecure, cowardly, downtrodden and touchy. If the owners behave correctly, then in 95% of cases they get a harmoniously developed pet.

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