Scottish kitten Timoha, his happy life The first month of life
Scottish Fold has a perfect character. This is a kind, friendly, affectionate cat, which is strongly attached to his family and his home and gets along well with everyone around him. Often the Scottish Fold becomes the best friend of not only the second cat in the family, but also the dog. They are unpretentious, undemanding, they easily catch the mood of people and other animals, they never impose or bother. In this case, the Scottish Fold are very affectionate and appreciate the care to which they always respond with trust and devotion. And yet, despite the calm temperament, they love to play, including with children.
In general, the Scottish Fold are quiet and modest pets, and their noble character and habits never cease to amaze. For example, the “Scots” love to stand on their hind legs and stretch themselves into a string, trying to consider the subject of interest to them, and it does not cost them any effort. Also, domestic meerikats (and the Scottis very much resemble these animals in their stand) often sleep on their backs, which cannot help but touch the hearts of those around them.
Scottish Fold are kind, tame and trusting pets that make an invaluable contribution to the atmosphere of comfort and harmony in your home.
Scottish lop-eared naturally good health, but these cats are strongly not recommended to cross with other members of the same breed, as a possible offspring with a high probability may develop anomalies of the skeleton. Breeding is based on crossbreeding Scottish Fold and Scottish with straight ears, and crossbreeding with British and American Shorthair is also allowed.
The life expectancy of Scottish Fold is on average 14-15 years. With the right content, they often live up to 20-22 years.

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