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Owners And Dogs Look Alike.
One dogs are similar to the owners, others – not really. But all of them – similar and unlike – instinctively imitate the owner, and can do nothing with it. The best friends of the person copy it automatically even if it costs them an entertainment …
Ability of dogs to imitate people is known long ago. But only recently the world learned that unlike specially trained circus doggies, domestic dogs copy the owners instinctively and especially voluntarily. During the next experiment scientists for the first time found out that dogs, unlike other pets, have a congenital tendency to imitate the person. The group of scientists of universities of Vienna and Oxford under the leadership of doctor Friederich Rendzha conducted research in which 10 adult dogs with the owners participated. Previously all quadrupeds passed special training during which sliding doors by means of the head or a paw taught to open them. After that dogs watched “training” of the owners – having got up on all fours, those also “learned” to open doors the head or a hand. Then dogs were divided into two groups. Dogs from the first group encouraged with a delicacy every time when they opened a door in the same way, as their owner. To the contrary, dogs of the second group received a tasty award only when opened a door in the way, other than the owner.

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