Hair care Pomeranian spitz, gif video
Care of the coat. Grooming
Caring for the Pomeranian Spitz involves daily brushing, cutting the hair in some areas, shaping the paws and ears. This will require a set of special tools:
1. Comb with rare metal teeth;
2. Massage brush;
3. Puhoderka;
4. Scissors with rounded ends;
5. Ordinary scissors;
6. Thinning shears.
You need to teach your grooming to a pet from an early age, putting the puppy on your lap and gently combing soft down.
Oranges are distinguished by an extraordinary mind and are well trained. If you act carefully, the dog will quickly get used to the procedure and in the future this will not be a problem.
Despite their luxurious attire, the Pomeranian Spitz is not as susceptible to tangling and rolling into wool ticks, like some other breeds of long-haired dogs. The coat consists of a dense undercoat and a long straight topcoat. On the ears, head and front side of the paws, the coat is short, resembling soft velvet. A thick mane adorns the shoulders and neck, and fluffy “pants” decorate the hind legs. A distinctive feature of the breed – a fluffy tail, laid on the back in the ring. Being the main decoration of a doggie, outfit requires mandatory and proper care.
Before combing it is desirable to moisten the hair with a special spray. This will prevent the cross-section of dry hair, will allow you to painlessly disassemble the mattes, if they still appeared, and unravel the rolled wool, which is often formed behind the ears.
If you can, visit a specialized barber shop where professionals will show and tell you how to care for a spitz
Spitz doesn’t need a special complicated cutting, but you need to know the basics of grooming. Moreover, for hygienic purposes, you should carefully trim the hair around the anus, pull the hair out of the ears, and cut off the excess hair between your fingers.
Preparation for exhibitions requires certain skills: when cutting, it is necessary to round the ears, removing the protruding hairs, arrange the collar, trim the skirt and pants with scissors. How to care for the spitz and prepare it for the exhibition, will tell and show an experienced breeder or the owner of the nursery.

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