Why cats steal food?

Cats are thieves, and there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s in their blood.

Having brought home a cute fluffy kitten, the owner cannot imagine that with time this little miracle will grow, turn into an adult cat. And he will begin to commit small-scale robbery in the kitchen, stealing food from the table.

That is why a pet with constant access to good food, standing in an accessible place, to reach out, jump and drag something, and all this is in constant fear of getting a powerful scolding from the owner!

Probably, there are pets who would never climb on the table and sneak off a tasty morsel left inadvertently. May be. But here, rather, it all depends on the issue price. And if the piece is very tasty? Also no? And very, very tasty? Well, let’s say, a slice of fresh meat (fish, sausages). Or a plate of sour cream (milk, condensed milk). And the owner is not around. Op-pa !! Take !!!

The habit of stealing appears in many pets. What caused such an indecent hobby?

Many owners break their heads in search of an explanation for the behavior of their pet. Attract little hooligans left unattended dishes on the kitchen table.

The unexpected disappearance of the cat from the field of view of the owner foreshadows a bad sign. The cat very cleverly chooses the moment when the whole family is in full membership watching TV. Making sure that the kitchen is free, he goes to implement his shameless thieves plan.

The roar and noise will make it clear that the cat has already been on the table. Scolding and closing a pet in another room makes no sense. Whenever possible, the cat will repeat the crime committed. Experts strongly recommend owners baleen thieves to understand what the secret of this behavior.


The first reason can be attributed to the feeling of hunger, which pushes on active actions. The owner is sure that his pet gets a lot of food and this just does not happen. But fluffy lovers to eat often remain offended and underfed. Increasing the portion of food for the cat, you can solve the problem of theft of food.

The second reason cat theft is based on natural curiosity. The most educated pet shows interest in the dishes on the master table. If it is prohibited to feed the cat from the owner’s plate in the house, this does not mean that the cat will follow the established rule.
He feasts on delicious food from the table when no one sees. To avoid such an incident, you should show a curious friend that the food on the table is inedible. Sniffing sour cucumber or peppered meat, cat’s interest in the plates will quickly disappear. The experience gained will be remembered for the near future.

The third factor affecting the behavior of a cat is the presence of temptations. Unattended fragrant dishes on the kitchen table are pushing a four-legged friend to commit an insidious act. In order to avoid such incidents, it is necessary to take as a rule to remove all products at once in the refrigerator or cabinet.
The fewer temptations, the less cat theft from the master’s table. As it turned out, baleen thieves provoke their own owner to the crime. But do not forget about curiosity. Eliminating the temptations, and in time feeding the cat, you can not be afraid that a furry friend will go to steal food.

Main reasons why cats steal?

Firstly, the famous “hunting instinct” works. Any cat is a miniature predator, equipped with innate skills of tracking and foraging. This predator requires constant training to maintain itself in “combat readiness” and to hone maneuverability. In general, the ancestors of cats got the knowledge that the “prey” from the word “get”.

Secondly, cats are independent animals, they prefer to “control” their existence. The resulting portion of food does not mean that the cat should not care about the next one. Hunter’s instinct makes her always be in search of food. So, just in case. And if there is an opportunity to “get it”, it is necessary to use it.

Thirdly, a cat caught in the theft may like the attention of the owner (albeit a negative one).

Fourthly, a pet that is bored in four walls can perceive the abduction process as a form of a game.

And finally, who can resist the delicacy, the opportunity to enjoy something delicious, which is usually not given? The Forbidden fruit is sweet!

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