funny pictures of kitten milk

funny pictures of kitten milk.
About a kitten

Pads and tail, and cheerful ears,
That corners stick out on the top,

The hair is fluffy, eyes-prokazki…
Listen, you came running to us not from the fairy tale?

Again the ball unwound on the apartment –
There is no entertainment of the best in the world!

With a slipper rode a ball unseparable,
The world behind a window studied boundless.

In cream all nose and an attractive face is smeared,
The sunbeam plays on a cup!

Candy wrapper on a thread – the same miracle!
To run behind it as behind a mouse I will be!

Here was also tired… and a ball was curtailed,
Stood, calmed down and in a dream started.

Sleep, our kid, our fluffy devilkin –
Little, tender, lovely kitten!

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