Funny dog with moustache

Funny dog with mustache.
The cat should not be bathed at all.
Dog if not to bathe,
For the third day will begin to stink.
As the sinner expelled from hell.

The dog jumps as a monkey:
“Hurrah! to Walk! We go for a walk!”
And the cat does not demand surplus:
Ate, drank and – again to sleep.

The cat is clean by nature.
Dog, having come to the boulevard,
Immediately “puts” on the sidewalk –
Breed is or there is no breed.

Cat – distinguished nature,
You do not gambol with a cat,
At a cat taste isn’t bad,
He does not hurry to wag a tail.

Dog, caressing you a look,
Will execute that order:
“To sit!”, “to Lie!”, “Walk!”, “Serve!”
Also will eternally be near you.

The cat purrs. The dog barks.
Cat, emerald shchurya eye,
Allows to love himself to you,
The dog just loves you…

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