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Funny dog faces pictures free at which you surely have to look for a good mood for the whole day!
Funny dog faces pictures free.
Dog – a symbol of fidelity, devotion and worldly wisdom. It always needs that person whom will begin to protect all life, to care for him. The dog always belongs to the house, a family, she thinks of herself less, than of close people, and her sacrifice sometimes is very dramatic because the Dog can not always meet reciprocal devotion and fidelity. ThiFunny dog faces pictures free.
s person possesses a strong, integral nature, deep mind and a good nose. The dog can analyze, compare and draw the conclusions which are faultless and always help it to find the correct road.

The dog is very hardworking if to say more, then she is the real workaholic, devoting all herself to work. It has deeply philosophical approach to life, the high and staunch moral principles, broad soul and big concept of honor. The dog never lies, she always tells the truth and only the truth even if it harms her. She is ready to keep watch, despite difficulties and dangers to her, but never she will begin to deserve an award in the form of increase of a position or an award, considering that it has everything that it is necessary for it for life. The dog is not ambitious at all and if suddenly offer her a position – will step aside and will concede it to other person who, in her opinion, needs a position more, than it. Many do not understand the Dog, including its or absolutely silly, or the Saint, but her, in fact, all the same that surrounding people think of it, and she considers the watch as the best award in the life. The dog can perfectly tell any stories, listen to her, with bated breath, because the voice of a dog always quiet and peaceful, and here in mood appears a secret expression, energy which the Dog holds inside and never lets out outside. All this intrigues listeners, draws their attention to the Dog, and people trust her because they feel her honesty and sincerity. The dog always advances the time a little, her reasonings on life run far veryod and snatch out the whole pictures from the future – all people around meet what they were warned and told by the Dog about in life over time, and begin to concern to her, as to a veshchunye, the prophetess. The dog has no flashing sense of humour, but she is always thoughtfully ironic, and quietly treats even criticism in the address. In work the Dog devoutly is also hardworking, it accurately carries out the duties, without forgetting to help others and to set careless workers on the right path. The dog never seeks to take the place of the leader in collective, but she is always the secret, informal leader to whose word listen, and the Dog for it is respected. It is proud, and will never accept a tip or pity from surrounding people even if itself is in very distress. In life she prefers to earn everything itself, and for this purpose constantly works, without cease. The dog always keeps at a distance, does not fawn with the administration, but also does not enter quarrels, perfectly copes with any work and is quickly trained in everything that needs to learn still. At healthy ambitious interest she can become the true professional and the leading head in that activity which chose for herself. The dog can is very organic in a profession of the lawyer, doctor, teacher, adviser, assistant to all ranks, the psychologist, nurses. She can become also the priest or the representative of public organization on protection of someone’s rights and interests.

In love the Dog – the romantic though she loves more likely not the person, and the ideal invented by her. It will not be exacting to the partner, will begin to be content small, and this her tendency to self-sacrifice can become personal tragedy of the Dog if the partner frankly uses it. The dog needs physical love if the partner is cold in sex – will change it, but will always come home, to care for the elect. If the partner is too exacting to the Dog, will begin to dictate her the terms and will chain, the Dog will become angry, aggressive and deeply unfortunate over time, and her aggression will be most of all directed against itself. The dog needs cordial relations, love and friendship, understanding and respect with each other, and she can give all the rest to the partner herself

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