Funny dog extraterrestrial

Funny dog extraterrestrial
Dog breed – great force!
First, of course, honor patrimonial.
To that, secondly, it is exclusively lovely,
When care for you, blowing off motes.

It is pleasant to be rare and thoroughbred!
But after all tar is present at honey.
For example, my passport from my family tree
Contains not only to the count about breed.

There near, probably, for the purpose of a prick,
Hand, obviously, envious person angry
In the next column instead of “female”
The vile, dirty word is written!

And to remember this awful nightmare –
About these experts! Are cynical and rough,
They, as to a horse on the Gipsy market
For me the mouth was opened and got into teeth!

But they are trifles … Here that forever
To me heart filled with grief heavy:
I dream of Jack day and night –
But Jack, to a regret, was born a mongrel …

And I would give it the caress,
We would create with it such family!…
Farewell, road! It is necessary to go to knitting –
On this shameful, mean action

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