funny cat works

funny cat works.
And you think what your cat is engaged while you there is no house? Sits in front of your computer!
My best friend computer.
To me with it all super-puper.
And the rest everything yes hair dryer.
I do not need a feast,
Let all affairs in a billeting.
Since morning I will get into the Internet,
And I will tell all house “no”.
Friends on the Internet –
From you I wait for the answer,
Cheerful greetings
And practical advice.
Again you do not allow to miss to me
And you will not throw an arrow of rage.
You will occupy me with something,
Up to the depth of soul you will get.
Without you now it is sad to me.
You dream even to me in a dream.
I with you am cheerful again –
I am light and kindness!

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