funny cat resting

funny cat resting.
I perceive as dream
Life of my cat.
To it it is unknown, to a cat,
Wordly vanity,

The vital baggage is not heavy,
Works are unknown,
Its master’s patronage
Insures against need.

He got up, ate – and again lay down,
And in it is all my cat.
Will not begin to levy a tax from it
On the viskasny income.

My administration, that is that,
Who on punishment is fast,
Does not demand at all that a cat
Was on a carpet.

My friend, that is that,
To which I am devoted,
Does not ask money from a cat
Also does not call in husbands.

My neighbors, that is those,
To whom I – in a throat a bone,
Does not think on a cat
To break morning after rage.

Cat’s god it is stored –
Not life, but charisma!

But as I will think what is with it
The veterinarian made …

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