funny cat in the barbershop

funny cat in the barbershop.
Just darling abated about a cat))
Get to yourself a cat, get,
Get somewhat quicker, be not in a stupor.
It will warm in an hour night and in a frost,
The cat will relieve of sufferings and tears …
The guy threw? It so, nonsense!
Remember, it will not replace a cat.
The cat will climb on knees, messes messes,
Relaxation in soul and openwork …
The cat does not smoke, does not drink, all is nice,
The cat in a bed well oooochen is good,
Soft, warm, cozy, big,
Kote – same, my God mine!
Cat, it dexterous and clever yours,
Loves myasko and catches mice,
And when at heart full shit,
He will curl up in a corner and hums …
The interlocutor is the most excellent, in!
It is better not to find in the world it.
The clear head and the idiot knows,
Better kote there is only a cat …
Well, and if in some of days
Journalists will approach me,
Will ask: “The pasha, what it is better than a cat?”
That I will firmly answer them: “Two

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