funny cat gamer

funny cat gamer.
Kot Tishka and computer mouse
“Kot Tishka and computer mouse”
On a table computer, Tishk’s cat
To catch a computer mouse
Climbed, and zip the lip.
What time is it now lies in an ambush,
Cunning looking at a mouse:
– I will be able to catch you!
And that will not stir at all,
Under it the rug will not be rumpled,
And Tishka started missing!
It loudly sniffed from disappointment,
Took of a mouse an important view
And a paw began to touch.
– It motionless!
Therefore, not real! –
Cat’s conclusion is simple.
– And if matter of course,
To what it is vain to sit to me,
To play for time?

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